2017 Senior – LeAnna

Meet LeAnna!  She is “that” senior for me.  The one that makes me officially feel old enough to be an entire decade from her generation, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  When still a kid myself, I remember this girl as a tiny, pink, squishy newborn when her parents and sisters were handing out Hershe”is” chocolate bars. I remember babysitting for this sweet girl as a toddler and mixing up more sippies of (strawberry) “pink milk” than I can count.  Her favorite!  In the blink of an eye she’s grown into a beautiful young woman with the world at her fingertips.
Wherever life may take us, we’ll always be “Pilger girls.”
I had such a fun time photographing you, LeAnna.  I wish you an extraordinary senior year!


Music: Dancing in the Light, Richard Dillon

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