4 Year Old Shelby

Our lovely little gal turns 4 today!

Shelby girl will start preschool in the fall.  She is so excited to begin school, and I am very certain she will love learning, playing and making new friends.  She is already looking forward to picking out a Hello Kitty backpack from the Walmart and tells everyone how she already got to meet her new teacher.  But, my heart is hesitant, because ready or not, here she grows. Daily, she teaches me so much about patience, humility and keeping my promises.  She’s got a little sass, a little attitude, and a lot of will to do things her own way.  Though it makes us butt heads at times, I know it will serve her well in life when standing up for what is right and what she believes.  I love that she is never afraid to run in the grass with her bare feet, and at the end of a day, she may be covered in dirt from head-to-toe, but she lived.  I wish I could capture her vivid imagination and sweet little voice in a bottle to save it forever, but I know it would do no good in there.  So, in the meantime, I’ll just keep watching and listening.

Happy 4th birthday, Shelby Ann, we love your joyful heart!


Music: Three Year Old, Eric Church

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