My Babes

On this Mother’s Day, I think about the past four years and how I’ve grown
as a person, an adult, wife, daughter and, most exponentially, a mother.
Every day, my kiddos teach me how important it is to stay humble, be kind and have courage.

Happy Mother’s Day to every single one of you out there – working moms, single moms, moms-to-be, new moms, seasoned moms, grandmas, military moms, medical moms, farm moms, moms of heavenly babies, moms with heavenly moms, stay-at-home moms, moms of divided or combined families, fur baby moms, and even fathers who have to step into a mother roles as well.  To the carpoolers, birthday party planners, home cleaners, PTA organizers, teachers, nurses, ouchie fixers, little league coaches, side-line cheerleaders, constant meal makers.  We have all one thing in common – we love our babies, young and old, unconditionally.  We all recognize the wonderful, gut-wrenching feelings we have for our children whether they are in the next room, the next state or even half way across the world.  I sometimes think of motherhood as the most challenging yet rewarding volunteer gig I’ve ever agreed to take.  And, I love it.
Today, like any other, we may be waking before the sun to make our own breakfast and have a moment, waking up stiff-backed with a baby or two or three in our bed, throwing in a load of laundry, planning meals, thinking about the day ahead.  Our day.  It’s what we do.  It doesn’t matter what you do today or who does what for you (or not).
Know YOU are loved unconditionally.
And, thank you, mamas, for all the tireless child rearing you do.  It’s worth it.

And because I’m so crazy in love with my little humans, here are my two I am so fortunate to have call me mommy. My greatest joy is watching them learn and grow.  And just know, we’re not quite this polished all the time.  In fact, my boy usually has some kind of food on his face and shirt, and my girl is a rebel about wearing pants, shoes and a pony tail.  These pictures were taken in a rare 10 minute span of our day.  🙂
We’re off to make pancakes!

Millerkids107Millerkids109Millerkids111Millerkids113Millerkids114Millerkids116Millerkids137-2Millerkids137Millerkids156Millerkids166Love you, Shelby & Dawson!

Music: Never Gonna Let You Down, Colbie Callout

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