Little Miss Leah has such blue, sparkly eyes!  She is simply a doll baby, and her mama loves being able to dress her up like one, too!  At just six months she is sitting up all on her own and almost ready to start crawling.  I am so looking forward to watching this little girl grow, as she will be a classmate to our youngest.
Happy half birthday, little one!

Music: Sweet Dreams, Lorie Line

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I feel like the Bargens are almost becoming family as often as I get to see them, and I love it!  I first had the pleasure of meeting them in the fall of ’16 when they were expecting little Miss Freya.  Fast forward through her newborn, milestone and first birthday sessions, and here we are anticipating the arrival of #3.  Dad and big brother know if it is a boy or girl, but mom is waiting for the surprise.  I am not sure how the guys are keeping that secret!  Nevertheless, I am super excited to hear the news after baby arrives in just a couple short weeks!
I hope all goes great for you, and I cannot wait to meet your new family member, Bargen fam!!

Music: The Place I Call Home

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Our Rhett has officially reached my favorite baby stage, and I wish I could keep him here a little longer.
He is mobile but can’t run from me.
He takes naps but can interact and play.
We can communicate, but he doesn’t get sassy.
He is still so innocent, not naughty yet.

I always want remember how chunky and snuggly he is at this age.  He has the sweetest little coo/giggle when he gets excited.  His eyes light up like a summer sky, and he gets his arms and legs moving as if he is going to try to fly!  He is so laid back and content, and we can only pray that he stays that way as he grows.  Right now he loves rolling all over the living room but soon finds himself stuck under a chair or table.  He rarely gets upset about it, just looks like a tiny mechanic working underneath it.  He loves his swaddle blankets and binky.  And with one tiny little tooth poking through on the bottom, he chews on anything we’ll let him have.  He loves watching his big sis and big bro, and you can see in his eyes that he cannot wait to be able to keep up with them!
Sweet boy, I am so thankful you are ours forever.
I want to take in every part of you while you are little and when you are bigger.
Love you, Rhett Eph!

The quilt in his pictures was made with love by his Grandma Deb.

Music: Slow Down, Nichole Nordeman

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Oh, my my!  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law welcomed their twins ten days before Christmas and had to spend a bit of time in the NICU just to give them some time to grow and get stronger.  But the little peas got to come home on Christmas Eve.  They sure are the sweetest gift ever! Welcomed home by big sis Leah, there is never a dull moment in their home, but it is also bursting at the seams with love.  Our entire family is so very thankful to have these two among us.
I cannot wait to watch you two grow, Olivia Jean & Evan Neil!

Music: A Thousand Years, Christina Perry (acoustic cover by Boyce Avenue)

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Little Miss Freya, you make a darling one-year-old!
This little girl is such a hoot and was a trooper taking pictures during her normal nap time.  My favorite was when her mama dressed her in her birthday cow outfit, “moo moo” as Freya calls them, and she discovered that her cow shoes squeaked!  Then, she got all dolled up in a pretty little dress, and I learned of her love for books.  Curled up with her pretty mama, it made for some very precious pictures of her “reading.”  Keep doin’ your thing, sweet girl!

Music: Chillwave, Ear Candy Digital

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