Happy 10th anniversary to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law!  I know I haven’t been around since the very beginning, but it has sure been eventful since I joined the family! Four babies, a home renovation and many small projects in between have caused just a few belly laughs, tears of both joy and sadness, way too many silly moments, possibly a few arguments, many reasons to celebrate, and more memories than we can count.
I’m going to get sappy for just a minute…
I’ll never forget having you two with Ryan and I when we found out my dad had passed.
Thanks for being there for me, for us.
Drew, thanks for being there for Ryan when he’s got mechanical & electrical questions and beyond.  The amount of brotherhood and respect you two have for each other is pretty awesome.
Emily, thanks for getting me out of the house to do something fun like go to the zoo, Barn Festival or even Hobby Lobby when it’d be easier to just stay home.  And, thanks for Halloweening with us each year.  Those are some of the best memories, even if it means pulling, dragging, wagoning our kids all over town while in the midst of at least 4-6 of them having simultaneous sugar-coma-induced meltdowns.  At least no one has barfed…yet.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Music: My Time with Her, Ear Candy Digital

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Just when you think this little bug can’t possibly get any cuter, she goes and turns 18 months old.  Look at those piggy tails!  And, check out this adorable little summer dress.  She looks like a savory little dish of rainbow sherbet on a hot day.  I could just eat her up!  I felt bad, little bugs thought she as pretty sweet, too, and were bothering her eyes, but it made for a the cutest little eye rub before I scooped her up and got outta there!  Happy half birthday, little one!

Music: Dancing on the Light, Richard Dillon

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Little hunk, Theo, is one!  He is already stealing the heart of not only his mama but many ladies from all over the state and into Kansas! I can’t put my finger on if it’s his handsome hazel eyes, his demure serious look, or his stout little legs that make my heart go pitter-patter. And, have you seen him eat cake?  Maybe not, so, you need to scroll down to see him eat cake.  He even makes being covered in bright blue frosting look cute!
Happy 1st birthday, Theo man!  I hope you get more cake today!

Music: Chillwave, Ear Candy Digital

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Ah, the Melvin Family.  I would hang out with them every day if I could.  I love witnessing them raise their beautiful little family with strong values, just the right amount of discipline, and certainly lots of love.  It is easy to feed off the energy from the kids, too, and once they are on top a horse, they gain all the confidence in the world.  All three of them love the horses, but I think Miss Raney loves them most.  She gave us the biggest smiles while atop her mama’s horse, Sandy.
What a fun bunch!  Have a great summer, Melvin Fam!

And, if you do the math, you know what this means!

Music: Make You Mine, High Valley


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It was a hot, windy June evening for Garrett’s senior pictures, but I think he pretty much rocked all of them!  Starting on the football field, we captured shots where he spends a lot of his time come fall.  Then we headed to his family’s home in the country where we took some casual shots, and we ended the shoot with a big ol’ pivot and a shiny, red tractor.  Once the gym floor is done at the school, we take a bit more time to capture him on the basketball court, then Garrett will be off to start his senior year!  I hope you have a great finale, Garrett!  Make it memorable!

Music: Water Tower Town, Scotty McCreery

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